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If you are wondering how you could possibly turn $1 into $5 (actually, more like $10 these days) every single day leveraging Facebook ads, you aren’t alone. Many marketers jump on the opportunity bandwagon to use Facebook ads because they heard from someone that this is the “thing” to do now to grow your business. While it certainly is pretty freaking amazing, most people aren’t using the right strategies to fully benefit from their Facebook ads.

I’m here to put a stop to that: TODAY. There are a few things that can maximize your leverage on your ad strategy, but you have to put in the ACTION to make the 6-figure results happen. You with me? Awesome, then let’s take a look at the best ways to optimize your Facebook ads.

Testing, Testing, and more Testing

Testing is the most important element. In reality, there is no way of knowing what will work. In fact, no expert can tell you, as there’s no rhyme or reason to what actually works. So testing is by far the most crucial element to a successful Facebook ad campaign. Set aside 3-5 days prior to turning up the volume on your ads for testing and be prepared to spend a few hundred dollars testing 20-30 ads on low budgets when starting out. This ALONE can save you thousand and tens of thousands of dollars long term.

So, what do you test? Well, here’s what I test:

  • Images

  • Top copy

  • Ad text

  • Audiences

  • Age ranges

  • Geographic locations

  • Income levels

  • Single Opt Ins

  • Double Opt Ins (these convert 5 times better in most cases)

The more you test your ads, the more knowledge you will have about what your ideal clients are truly looking for.

Get By With A Little Help From Your Friends

Your competition already has a solid set of audiences that convert like crazy with the products and services that you are trying to sell. The best thing you can do? Swipe their followers! (no it’s not illegal) Know who your entrepreneurial counterparts are and create custom audiences leveraging their followers. It’s an easy way to get in front of your ideal clients with ease.

A few audiences that work well for me include Facebook users who follow online entrepreneurs such as:

  • Ryan Deiss

  • Marie Forleo

  • Amy Porterfield

  • Danielle LaPorte

For the full list of audiences that I use, check out my Facebook Ads Checklist.

Warm ‘Em Up

There are 3 types of leads. Cold, Warm, and Hot. The warmer the lead, the higher the conversion rate. Cold Leads are going to need the most attention, so butter them up utilizing other outlets to show your expertise. Facebook Lives YouTube videos, blogs, articles, and other free content that doesn’t even involve opting in.

But wait… you thought that opting-in was the point, right?

Well, it is...but you better warm up those leads first to lower your cost-per-conversion. Building the relationship with the cold leads involves demonstrating yourself as the “go-to expert” in your field. They won’t pay for information so to speak, but once they begin to trust you and understand that you do know you know what you’re talking about, that’s when they will begin to opt-in and turn into raving fans and paying clients.

This strategy works for both Warm and Hot leads as well, as it continues to reestablish your credibility every step of the way as the expert that you are.

A Compelling Call To Action

I really cannot say this enough. You NEED to have a compelling call to action (CTA) on your ads. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I see a Facebook ad that just assumes people will know what to do with it. Okay, great, you wrote a blog post and you created an ad campaign for it.

But you forgot to tell your audience how to utilize this blog post or what to do next.

Whenever you create an ad for ANYTHING you need to have a clear and compelling CTA. You cannot just assume that your audience will know where to go next. The CTA should demonstrate a sense of urgency and excitement. It should let your audience know that what you have to offer is awesome, and they should read it, share it, and engage with it. Sometimes they just need a little nudge. CTA’s that have worked well for me include:

  • Join the Challenge

  • Grab a seat!

  • Download Now!

These are just a few that generate positive results. Feel free to get creative and try your hand at creating compelling CTA’s.

Can something as little as a compelling call to action really affect conversions? The answer is YES!


Re-target those bad boys. Ah-ha! We’re back to those retargeting pixels. So here’s how this works. Every time a new visitor comes to your site, the code from the pixel drops an anonymous browser cookie. Later, when your cookied visitors browse the rest of the internet, the cookie will let your retargeting provider know when to serve your ads and to which specific internet users, ensuring that your ads are served only to people who have previously visited your site.

This is the exact same strategy that billion dollar corporations use to stay in front of our eyes on the internet daily. Let’s say you visit Target.com to check out a few new items. Then you pop over to Facebook, and lo’ and behold, an ad for the EXACT items you were browsing at Target shows up in your newsfeed or sidebar. This is how your ads will work when you retarget them as well. Can we say EPIC?

Take those pixels (from Facebook) and add them to your site to create custom audiences. From there you can see your opt-ins grow...WIN! And you will have lower cost-per-conversions AND more qualified leads. Double-WIN! And yes, it is appropriate to break into interpretive dance at this point.

Opt-Ins & Upsells

Once they have opted in, you can start showing them tripwire ads. When I do this it more than pays for the entire ad budget on a total of 12 campaigns alone. Tripwire ads are low investment, high value offerings that are just too good to refuse. This is where cold leads turn into warm, buttery conversions. They opt-in to receive the free offering, and then receive ads for the low investment offering that coordinates with their free offering. The tripwire should be relatively low investment, and definitely less than $100. I’ve found that buyers love the number 7 for psychological reasons, and so my price points all end in 7 due to the fact that they convert better than other numbers (i.e. $27, $67, $97).

By putting these strategies into place, you’ll start to see higher conversion rates and a greater ROI on your Facebook ads investments.

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