Facebook Ad Checklist
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EXACT Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies used by
6-figure and 7-figure online marketers.
(Including an uber successful sales funnel strategist
that makes $1k a day on rinse and repeat)
Have you ever wondered how other people online are making all
this money leveraging Facebook ads?

What audiences do they use?

How they test their ads?

What call to action do they use?

What are their daily budgets?
In this PDF checklist,
I will give you the exact strategies I use, all the way down to the
  • Audiences I target
  • Age ranges of my clients
  • How big your audience should be
  • Countries
  • Timing
  • Testing
  • Ad budget ideas
  • And more
Hey You! I see you hustling out there,
but the truth is your revenue building muscle is burnt out and needs a reboot.
You are beyond ready to rock the heck out of your business but there’s something standing between you and that mountain of riches that you know is waiting for you.

You can’t expect to get where you want to go as a lone ranger. Leave that shit for the movies. Successful entrepreneurs surround themselves with successful people...people who are doing what you want to do!