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So how do you create a 6-figure sales page? And what is a sales page? A sales page is the threshold that separates a lead from a paying client.  It’s a beautifully designed, offers  irresistible value and gives your visitors the opportunity to buy from you. There are many important elements that determine whether or not your page will convert or not. So today, I want to dissect the anatomy of sales page that truly converts.

The Essential Elements

Sales pages are essentially composed of a  chemical makeup starts with the same structure every. single. time. The only differences is what is being offered and who is offering it. Here’s a quick rundown of how I structure my sales pages.

  • Captivating Headline

  • Short Description

  • A Letter to Your Reader

  • Juicy Descriptions of What they’ll get

  • Benefits

  • Value

  • Compelling Call to Action

  • Testimonials

  • Fast Acting Bonuses!!!

  • Compelling Call to Action

  • FAQ

As we dig into what should be included, I wanted to show you EXACTLY how I do it on my pages so you can replicate the format on your pages too. The page we will be dissecting is the sales page for the #LegendaryEntrepreneur. Also, #ShamelessPlug, get your bad self into this program because it is INSANELY rewarding (I’m talking $4997 worth of bonuses in the first 12 weeks alone).

Captivating Headline

Your headline is the very first thing your lead will see. Grab their attention and make sure to keep it with a captivating headline and dynamic design that demands to be seen. Demonstrate EXACTLY what your offer is going to do for them. The sales page for the #LegendaryEntrepreneur does just that.


When you enroll in the #LegendaryEntrepreneur, I show you exactly how to make GREAT money online, and you’ll do it using the EXACT same strategies that 6- and 7-figure marketers use. Sound’s pretty sweet, right? Because it is. (just saying)

Short Description

Next you’ll want to provide a short description of what your product offers your leads. This does not need to be lengthy. Just long enough to give them a taste of what they’ll receive when they buy-in.


In this short description, you can see that the #LegendaryEntrepreneur offers a mastermind group, a training course, and live office hours. Short, sweet, and to the point.

A Letter to Your Reader

This is one of my favorite aspects of a 6-figure sales page. When was the last time you received a letter from a friend? It’s probably been a while right? This letter to your reader allows you to open up about the pain point you are aiming to solve for your ideal clients; identifying WHY you are doing this, WHO you want to help, and HOW you are going to do it.


Who am I helping? Female entrepreneurs like YOU. Why am I doing this? I’ve done the whole $100K in debt thing and I NEVER want to see another person go through this. How will I fix it? I created the #LegendaryEntrepreneur to provide clarity, tools, success strategies, and mindset mastery for entrepreneurs who want to skyrocket their success online. Until Richard Branson secures a deal with NASA, the next best thing is the #LegendaryEntrepreneur.

Juicy Descriptions of What They’ll Get

This is the money maker people. This is your offer!!!! What are you offering? Give them a delicious taste of what they’ll get when they take advantage of your offer. Here’s how my sales page delivers this element:


It also goes on to show even MORE offers to demonstrate just how crazy amazing the #LegendaryEntrepreneur is. Plus, they get to see who I’ve collaborated with, and brought into this phenomenal program to deliver insane content.


Let’s talk about benefits versus features for a hot minute. When it comes to buying, consumers buy experiences; not features. This is why the difference between benefits and features is critical to a 6-figure sales page. Your program can have all the fancy bells and whistles in the world, but if it doesn’t provide an emotional and physical sense of euphoria for them, they will literally not give 2 shits about what you have to offer.
When you’re writing this section, think about how your leads will feel when the buy this offer. What is the benefit to them? Take a look at some of the benefits of the #LegendaryEntrepreneur.


What are the benefits? Feeling amazing about clarity in your business. Getting paid for your expertise. Increased conversions because you’re actually working with ideal clients. Achieving your dream with the help of a kick ass team (instead of wearing yourself out trying to DIY). And that’s just a few benefits that can result from the #LegendaryEntrepreneur.


By now you probably already know what you are going to charge for your offering. But have you identified the actual value? The perceived value of an offering is what gets a buyer’s blood pumping. You know those As Seen on TV product? The commercials for those products are a prime example of perceived value: “One tub of XYZ sells for $39.99, but if you call RIGHT NOW, you can get 2 tubs of XYZ for just $9.99 (plus s/h).” That’s a great deal!
And that’s exactly what you are going to mimic when you discuss what you product SHOULD cost versus what you’re going to charge for it.


The value of this program is INSANE. Members get access to 4-mini modules every month, which is equivalent to about $497. On top of that, they get LIVE office hours with me each week. FYI my rate is $1000/hour, so for 4 live office hours per month, the value is $4000. Add that to the modules you get each month, that’s a value of $4,497 per month. And we haven’t even reached the bonuses section yet…. See how much value that is for the introductory price of $27 for the first month, with a continuing subscription of $97? That shit is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Compelling Call to Action

You’ve officially provided a ton of information about what the lead will receive when they decide to purchase your offering. You’ve identified who you are, why you’re a credible and trustworthy expert, and how you are going to help the person sitting on the other side of the screen. You’ve outlined exactly what they’re going to get in their purchase, and you’ve identified the benefits and how it is going to make them feel.


You’ve established the value of the product, and now it’s time for you to throw in a call to action (CTA). See the image above where it says “Join Now for $27”? That’s the CTA. This tells them what their next steps are. L.E. It’s time to get #Legendary.


Providing proof on your sales page is critical to establishing yourself as an expert. Testimonials show that 1) yes, other people have worked with you and 2) they’ve achieved CRAZY results, therefore 3) you know your shit and are definitely worth investing in.



You want to be sure to add some super juicy bonuses. Bonuses only ADD to to your product, service, or program and will help to drive up your conversions and maximize ROI.  So dig into your swipe files and see what you can find to shower your leads with love and free stuff!

Compelling Call to Action (Yep, You Need Another)

Add another Join Now button in at this point. This will be the final CTA to get into your program. Make it a good one!



Throwing in a Frequently Asked Questions section is good practice to combat any existing obstacles that remain on the table. This lets your leads know what to expect on a few things that they might have questions about such as delivery, return policy, or expected results.


Also, just a quick tip because I love you: If you don’t offer returns on digital products simply because when they buy it, they own it, be sure to CLEARLY articulate what your return/refund policy is so that you don’t run into any issues. Make sure this is included in your FAQs.

Gorgeous Design

Never judge a book by it’s cover, right? But we all do. The design of your sales page demonstrates your personality, professionalism, and how you want your leads to feel about your offering. Get them excited! Your offering is AMAZING and you should showcase it like a proud momma. Make sure your sales page establishes that from the get-go. Check your graphics, typefaces, and formatting. Verify that it looks STUNNING on Desktop and Mobile browsers.

Whew! We Did It.

WOW! That was a TON of information!

I’m sure you read every detail because you are ready to churn out your own 6-figure sales pages. So, I’ll spare you all the details, but I must give you one last chance to join the movement of #LegendaryEntrepreneurs making moves because outside of the insane bonuses and ridiculous level of support, this academy of learning was made with you in mind.

So one question remains….

Are you ready to have your mind blown with the crazy success you are about to achieve?


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