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Let’s be honest: there are boatloads of entrepreneurs offering good opt in incentives with good quality content. But in a world of good, you want to be OUTSTANDING, right? You want to be amongst the famous few and brave with a unforgettable offer and an irresistible opt in. Which is exactly why, I’ve identified a few things that differentiate the good from the outstanding  so if you’re ready to become #Legendary, keep reading!

Craft High Value

#1 - Give Them What They Want

Researching what people want is a lot easier than you would think. It takes no time at all to visit a Facebook group, type in a keyword (you think will be popular but you’re not sure), and record the results.

Are there tons of results about that keyword? Questions? Comments? What’s the overall vibe? Is it frustration because they don’t know how to solve the problem that surrounds the keyword? These are all great questions to ask yourself as you dive into figuring out what your ideal clients really want.

#2 - Explode Your Expertise

Let’s keep this simple, stick to what lies in your zone of genuist. There are too many people out there who have a general knowledge of XYZ who have falsely branded themselves as experts in this particular field. And you know what they usually offer their leads? Grade A Bullshit.

If you’re a photographer, stick to photography related opt-ins. If you’re a kick ass copywriter, offer copywriting opt-ins! Stop trying to do it all and generalize your expertise. I’m a Sales Funnel Success Strategist and A Proven Passive Profit Queen and that’s what I offer in my opt-ins and upsells. It’s not worth my time to offer something that I know NOTHING about. And it’s not worth it for you either.

When you offer something that is in your realm of expertise, you can add more value to than most because THIS particular thing is what you do every single day, and this is what makes you an expert. Ideal clients want to work with experts, and when you can demonstrate your expertise through a high value opt in, THAT’s when your leads will make it rain revenue on your genius-self.

#3 - The Visual Vixen

It’s very important that your offering portrays its high value by being well designed and appealing to the eye. No skills with graphic design? That’s okay! Outsource that shit to someone who can absolutely kill it. The majority of your ideal clients need to know what they’re getting into before they subscribe, and they need to be absolutely WOWED by your landing page in order to demonstrate that what they are opting into will be well worth their time.

Easy to Digest

#4 - Simplify Your Stuff

Honestly, it’s a huge turnoff to me to visit a blog or a website where the host is offering a 50+ page ebook that I won’t ever have any time to read or learn from, and I find myself wishing that they’d condensed that into  5 pages so that I could skim through and pick out the things I really needed fto know. Just STOP. You might think that 50+ pages of content is super valuable, and it probably is! But no one is going to read it because NO ONE has time for that! Keep your opt in short and sweet so that your readers don’t get overwhelmed.

#5 - Keep It Simple Sweetie

Let’s apply the KISS method: Keep. It. Simple. Sweetie.

Stick to things people know how to open - How about a PDF download? Bingo!

Easily Available

#6 - Make it Easy

Make sure your visitors can access your opt in from wherever they are. There’s nothing that sucks more than searching for a freaking opt in because you LOVE this entrepreneur and you just want to get your hands on the goods, but you can’t because there isn’t an obvious signup form anywhere! I would say more subscribers get lost that way than any other.

You can put your opt in offer right  in the header or sidebar of your website, in the footer of your blog posts, hyperlinked on your digital offerings page, etc. There’s NO reason to make it hard to find for your visitors.
For example, I have an opt in IMMEDIATELY at the top of my homepage for visitors to opt into if they want to learn how to master sales funnels.


It doesn’t require hoops.

Easily available means that your leads don’t have to jump through hoops to get to your opt in. If they have to click on a link to subscribe, ensure that the next thing they click is the signup form, not just another landing page for them to learn even MORE about what they’re getting. Simplicity is your friend!

BONUS TIP - Immediate Access

Your opt in offering reaches their inbox immediately.

Ugh. I hate getting really excited for something that I’ve found that FINALLY solves a giant problem I’ve been having...and then I have to wait 24 hours for it. #SorryNotSorry, but I’ve probably moved on and found another solution to my problem. Possibilities are endless on the internet, and because it moves so quickly, you need to have an autoresponder set up through an email software that delivers their freebie. Like, RIGHT NOW.

The delivery of the freebie is obvious.

If you ever attended an art class, they likely taught you composition. Composition is important because you want to take the viewer on a journey. You want them to see ONE thing first, though, and that one thing is the main subject of the painting or drawing. From there, you can direct their eyes with just a few simple tricks so that they either look at the painting from left to right or from right to left.

Similarly, you want to make the download VERY obvious. Make sure to write a captivating email subject line that lets them know that their download has arrived (yay!). Also, write a little snippet about EXACTLY how to best use the freebie that was just delivered to them, and how this freebie is going to benefit their life or business.

BONUS TIP - Upsell For Expansion.

Redirect to the Thank You Upsell page after they sign up.

Thank you pages are probably one of my favorite steps in the sales funnel process. This is where your sales start rolling in. Using a redirect is the most effective part of your freebie delivery, because you already have their attention and interest, so why not offer them a high value upsell as a thank you for your interest in your opt-in?

For example, with my opt-in, the Sales Funnel Domination Checklist, I immediately offer the replay of my Sales Funnel Freedom Webinar for a CRAZY low price. This training is valued at $997 because of all of the powerful knowledge that I shared in the training, but I offer it for $67 to those that first opt-in because I appreciate their interest in my business! This upsell coordinates with their opt-in so that they can truly MAXIMIZE the leverage they get out of the benefits of the opt-in.

Include an upsell in the freebie itself.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t include an upsell as a part of your opt in offering. If you’re offering a PDF with a tutorial on it, at the footer, include a catchy phrase that draws your reader in and makes them want to buy. Especially if it is a product that compliments the opt-in, just like the example above. Sister products are internet GOLD for opt-ins and upsells and will lead to catapulted conversions.

BONUS TIP - A Pivotal Piece

A series hits their inbox.

Here is the most pivotal part of offering freebies: the nurture period. A lead is most likely to buy from you within the first two weeks of being subscribed because you’re new, fresh, and appealing to them. Subscribing them to a series right away after they receive their freebie is the perfect way to introduce them to your brand and upsell. Set up your software to trigger your email welcome sequence to go live when your subscriber opens the freebie email. That way, they don’t immediately have two emails in their inbox from you.


The series should include an introduction to you and your brand, TONS of educational content that is related to the freebie they downloaded, and a couple of upsell/pitch emails that are released just at the perfect time.


Make it Rain!

Now that you have everything you need to optimize your opt-in, hop to it, sister! Oh hey, and if you are looking for a bit more assistance with the optimization of your opt-ins and landing pages, be sure to check out the #LegendaryEntrepreneur. Right now, it’s only $27 for the first month, with a continuing subscription of $97/ month afterwards. I built the #LegendaryEntrepreneur to be the ONLY program you will ever need to achieve business badassery. In the first 12 weeks alone, you’ll get access to over $4997 of FREE bonsues!


  • Weekly support.

  • Accountability

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  • A customized user experience that rewards you for reaching goals.

  • Interactive worksheets to keep you on track.

  • And a community of like-minded entrepreneurs just like you that are all committed to massive success.

  • $4997 worth of FREE Bonuses (WHAT?! I know. Too legit to quit.)

So, what are you waiting for? Slip on your Louboutin’s and join us in the #Legendary league.


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