you can create
a first – class business
doing what you love – on a coach-class budget.
Hi gorgeous entrepreneur !
Listen, I get it: You’ve been slaving away in your business trying to LEARN. IT. ALL.
Sure, you’re smart-as-hell, but let’s be honest: It’s exhausting you – and your super cute Coach wallet – trying to piecemeal your biz knowledge together. And worse? You’re still not where you thought you’d be when you started this biz (whether that was months or years ago).
  • Am I REALLY cut out to make money doing what I love?
  • What if I never “make it big”?
  • What if this whole “living my dreams” thing leaves me with
  • nothing but a pile of debt (and maybe a few extra inches around the waistline)?
  • What am I doing wrong? What’s everybody else’s secret?
  • How much longer do I have to wait ‘til something “clicks” and my biz really takes off?
  • And perhaps most importantly: How much longer can I *afford* to wait?
The struggle is REAL, beautiful.
You DID NOT start a business to plunge into debt, to struggle to pay rent (and/or put stilettos on your feet) and to resent your very calling in life.
You did not start a business to
  • Drain your bank account down to its last dollar – and then freak out over where the next one’s coming from
  • Fork over tons of cash for low-end products and courses (because that’s all your budget can afford) that make big promises but rarely deliver (or sit on your desktop for months)
  • Pull all-nighters Googling this-or-that marketing tactic – and nothing to show for your hours of “learning” but a serious wine-over
  • Regularly contemplate calling your old boss and begging for your job at that (totally soul-sucking) company back
You started a business to make a difference for yourself, for your family and for the planet.
You started a business to live the kind of lifestyle you’ve always dreamt about – one that gives you total control of your income and your schedule.
And quite frankly? I’m over watching brilliant women like you NOT getting to live your dreams.
What if there was a way to learn EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW to grow your biz into a HIGHLY PROFITABLE EMPIRE – in ONE PLACE – and in HALF THE TIME and for HALF THE PRICE of private mentorship with a biz coach?
  • Feeling 100% clear on your money-making message so dream clients can’t help but snatch up everything you create
  • Capturing hearts and dollar bills with a fabulous brand that feels cohesive, aligned and highlights you as the expert you truly are
  • Having a list of super engaged prospects who LOVE opening up your emails as much as they love indulging in their daily caramel macchiato
  • Hosting badass webinars that feel more like sharing than selling – but still boost your bank account
  • Your calendar bursting with discovery calls with hot leads you know you’ll easily turn into buyers
  • Having a dream team you trust and adore who handles ALL the tasks you hate (so you not only have more time to do what you love, but also to take care of number one [that’s you!])
  • Managing your time like a true (lady) boss and getting more done in one day than you used to in a week
  • Hitting up PayPal to upgrade your “expected monthly income” because you’re blowing your current cash goals out of the water
  • Truly believing in yourself and your ability to create MASSIVE success – no matter what this entrepreneurial journey chucks at you
  • Gaining INSANE momentum in your business in half the time it’d take you to learn all the cool (and essential) stuff up there (and soooo much more) on your own….in just 52 weeks
Who I Am
(My Story from Maxed out to Millionista)
Hi, I’m Stephanie Nickolich, CEO and Founder of Success Society, and here’s what I want you to know – I believe woman deserves the opportunity to build an amazing business – even if she can’t afford the high price tag that comes with private mentoring (yet).
I built a profitable, multiple 6-figure business with my own well-manicured mitts (and a few other secret weapons along the way) in less than two years. And since then? I’ve helped dozens of other entrepreneurs do the same.

But I have a little secret.

You and I both know that finding high quality business training from trustworthy sources does not come cheap.

I’m in the business space all day, everyday and I’ve noticed a severe lack of solid, high-quality training at a price that doesn’t require selling our entire collection of designer bags on eBay (or maxing out several credit cards) to get into.

But here’s the caveat: The journey from struggling to superstar – from regular-old entrepreneur to expert – is one I believe nobody should take alone.

I believe we DO need training and advice from experts and outside sources in order to become the most successful version of ourselves.

In fact, all of the most successful people on the planet have a mentor (or ten). Because, as the famous Otto von Bismarck quote says, “The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

Unfortch, I’m a total type-A kinda gal, so it took me awhile to come to this realization. I spent months & months researching, piecemealing and attempting to DIY every facet of my business before I realized that maybe that wasn’t the best (or most budget-conscious) route. (Skin in the game is awesome – skin off your back [or shoes off your feet] isn’t.)

When I finally decided to invest in myself by hiring top-notch coaches and surrounding myself with other high-achieving women, everything changed.

Getting outside help was the best decision I ever made. Hands. Freakin’. Down.

That’s my (not-so-dirty) little secret: I don’t do all of this alone.
The biggest lesson I’ve learned as an entrepreneur is that
I’m crazy grateful for the incredible mentors I’ve had along this slightly-bumpy but totally worth it path – the mentors who gave me the knowledge, support and courage to
  • Run a kick ass six figure coaching business
  • Manage my own amazing dream team
  • Jetset around the globe (pretty much) whenever my heart desires
  • Have the freedom to work in my most glamorous party dress – or in my PJ’s
  • Spend my days coaching other women entrepreneurs to superstardom
But…..when you’re a newbie biz owner or one who’s been struggling to “make it” for awhile, you might not have the funds to invest thousands of dollars in those high-level coaches. I get it. I see it. And I think it sucks
That’s why I created something revolutionary to give the dollar-crunching, stressed-out business owner like you the calibre of quality support and training you need to start making big money NOW – at a sweet price that won’t shatter the bank.
The Millionista Mastermind is the hottest and most affordable way to build a first – class business on a coach – class budget – and pump up your income so you become a highly profitable entrepreneur, faster, doing what you love.
This is a LIVE program that runs for 52 weeks and includes 26 jam-packed modules that will walk you through everything you need to know to build a business that allows you to make a killing doing work you were born to do.

I’ll be baring it all – every single road-tested method, strategy and tool that took me from maxed out and struggling to a successful Millionista in less than two years.

The trainings cover everything from how to sell like a boss (without feeling “sales-y”), rocking your consult calls (so they convert like crazy), tips for becoming a productivity powerhouse and creating your very own dream team for delegation, how to brand yourself so you become the go-to gal in your niche and so, so, so much more.

I’ve done all the heavy lifting here so you don’t have to. This 52-week program distills literally everything I’ve learned creating my own multiple 6-figure business into easy-to-digest modules you can follow step-by-step – so you can stop buying programs and books that don’t deliver (wasting major time and money) or taking advice from random articles that pop up on Google.

But the very best part (and the reason I can give away all this information at such a wallet-friendly price) is this is a group program. When you join, you’ll instantly become a member of a valuable, one-of-a-kind community of women like you destined (and determined) to hit that coveted six figure mark and become queens of their own business empires.

If you getting step-by-step business training each & every week for one full year at a fraction of what it costs to hire a biz coach 1:1 – and without downloading multiple courses and programs with conflicting advice or putting a single cent on another credit card – sounds amaze….then The Millionista Mastermind is for you.
During this first round of the Millionista Mastermind only, you’ll receive TWO, NEW LIVE TRAININGS a month. Every other week you’ll hop on the line with your fellow Millionistas as I jam on the week’s topic – anything from branding to confidence to selling without sleaze (and TONS more). That’s 24 NEW modules just for you this year!
Immediately after saying yes, you’ll gain access to the exclusive Millionista community, a tight-knit cohort of wicked-smart women fiercely dedicated to biz success. We all know by now that we’re the sum of the five people we spend the most time with, so think of this as an incredible opportunity to learn and grow from your peers and challenge yourself to think bigger! Discuss the week’s lesson, get support at all hours of the day (or night) and celebrate your wins in the company of other go-getters who will totally cheer you on, with a virtual (or maybe, actual) champagne glass.
I’ll be in the group LIVE two times each week hosting office hours. All you have to do to get elite, one-on-one coaching from me is sign in during our set times and fire your questions at me. This kind of personalized attention to your biz and unique struggles would normally cost $497 for just an hour – but as a Millionista, this one-on-one access to my brain each and every week is included in your membership. This part in itself is worth the entire investment of the program (and then some!)
Oh yea, every other week, one NEW Millionista will be chosen to have a LIVE hot seat Q&A with me, your main squeeze Millionista, where we will dive deep to discover what is going on in her business, how we can break through those roadblocks and create a clear path to stylish success. How fun does that sound?
What’s a typical day in the life of a Millionista Mastermind member look like? I’m so glad you asked!
The Millionista
Springs out of bed in the morning THRILLED to face the day because her business is gaining INSANE momentum. She whips up a glorious green smoothie before settling into her adorably-decorated (and uber-organized) home office (‘cause now she’s got the time). Her heart swells with gratitude as she checks her email (and bank accounts). She pops open her project management app of choice to happily delegate out tasks that used to drag her down and take HOURS. She feels totally on top of her time and in control of her schedule – and she’s ticking items off her “Monthly Goals + Income Targets” list like nobody’s business. She has a daily plan of action that supports her world-changing mission. She knows DEEP in her heart that SHE’S GOT THIS. And she ends each day even more stoked for the future – the legacy – she’s creating. because she can see and feel it coming alive more and more each and every day.
Are you ready to become a Millionista, too?
Join today and
you could easily quadruple your confidence, your profits and your knowledge of all things business, branding, marketing and selling – in just one year.
How do you know if the Millionista Mastermind is right for you?
  • You’re chained to your laptop day after day (but you’d never know it peeking at your bank statements)
  • You have a killer, grand vision for where you’d like to go, but struggle to see past your own niggling fears, doubts and insecurities
  • You’re suffocating under the weight of debt from money you’ve sunk into your biz – and you’ve got nothing but pages-long credit card bills to show for it
  • You’re not living the life you envisioned (shouldn’t you be living in a beach cabana by now?) and certainly NOT making gobs of money like you expected
  • You’re burnt out trying to do it all, but can’t imagine paying somebody else when you can barely pay yourself
  • You’re overwhelmed, confused and exhausted by all the noise in the business space – and want someone to just give it to you straight and tell you EXACTLY how to make it happen
  • Your days lack clarity and focus – you truly have no idea where to put your energy to make big moves in your biz
  • You feel like you’re twirling in circles, either doing the same things that aren’t working or you don’t understand WHAT isn’t working
  • You’ve honestly started to feel like a failure – and you’re starting to realize that if something doesn’t change, the making-cash-money-while-sipping-a-mojita future you imagine might never happen

ENROLL today
Stephanie came into my life at a pivotal time. I was reinventing myself after a very successful corporate career and a 7 year side hustle into full-time entrepreneurship. And even though I am a business coach (aka: business strategist) myself, I am a HUGE believer that a coach needs a coach. I decided to take an entrepreneurial sabbatical in Miami for 3 days–just me sans family to work “on my business” vs. “in my business”. The first day I got there I decided to hire Stephanie for a VIP day to ensure my strategy was on point and to learn from all the things she has experienced that would benefit my goals at that time. I learned that Stephanie is a hands on type of coach. She is very passionate at what she does, open and honest about her path and what she has learned, and is willing to go the extra mile for her clients. I have not only got to experience Stephanie’s coaching 1:1, I have also been blessed to be able to leverage her team of amazing designers / developers who have helped my brand vision come to life. That is no small feat (as I had a pretty in-depth vision). Her team is amazing at what they do—and Stephanie’s direction has a lot to do with ensuring my vision in my head came to fruition in their design and functionality. I am a big believer that people come into you life for a reason, and Stephanie came in mine at the right time and I will be forever grateful. From one coach to another–thank you so much Steph!
Seema AlexanderPowerhouse Business Coach and CMO, MorLeaf
I was just a full time teacher, ready for something more when I met Stephanie. I dreamed of having a thriving coaching business but I had a lot of fear based thinking that was clogging my ability to manifest and no solid plan as to how I was going to reach my goals. Within 3 WEEKS of working with Stephanie (yes, just 3 weeks), I had REPLACED her full time corporate income and can now create my corporate exit strategy to pursue my coaching dreams.
Angel Richards( H.O.T. Coaching )
Just joined Stephanie Nickolich’s Millionista Coaching Group and I have hit the jackpot! If you’re looking for authentic, on point coaching to meet you where you’re at financially and your’e ready to shift your story and LEAP for your dream life right now, join us!!!
yvette gorman-holmes
Could we do this on Sundays too? Because this is better than church.
Just wanted you all to know I am on FIRE this morning) and no it is not just the red hair LOL). It is only 10:30 am and I just creating 15 NEW topics tor FREE Webinars to discuss Money Mindset and how to change it, Your Money Road Map, and Getting Aligned and Balanced in your business with Amazing Time Management. Going to show people I am FULL of VALUE and INFO and this is my PASSION. Last night set my mind on FIRE – thank you ladies tor being so open on the call!! And this is just week 1 !!!
Since starting to work with Stephanie I have made a real shift in my thinking! Stephanie has pushed me to be more confident and trust in my abilities! She has been GREAT! She really focuses on what you NEED to do to be successful! I have worked with her ONLY about 2 weeks and my business is ALREADY picking up! I am not new to coaching either I have hired SEVERAL coaches and Stephanie is one of the BEST if not the best.
Julie Prince( Owner of Inspire Fitness for Women )
Working with Stephanie helped me build my business from the beginning stages of formulating my niche. She helped me break through barriers with massive clarity that I had been stuck in for months. During our time together, Stephanie uncovered my focus areas that I had been neglecting and set massive goals that were measureable. Her guidance literally changed my business and moved me steps forward. I cannot thank her enough!!
Omeida Sanchez
I just want to give a huge thank you to Stephanie Nickolich for what we’ve covered thus far and the attitude adjustment I’ve had. I feel that Stephanie has legitimately changed my life, and all for the best. Her top level package is now firmly engraved in my goal board and one of the first goals that I write down every night. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I can’t thank you enough.
Erin Weistrich( Beachbody Coach )
I thank God for allowing me to connect to Stephanie. So many people out there, with stories, businesses, opportunities… and WE Got Connected. After just our first meeting, as I read my notes, I stopped, …. started rocking back and forth, covered my eyes and began to cry. WHY?! Because I was able to see, NO, … I read what was TRUE about me. After just the first session, I think differently about who I am and what I offer. I am worth it! I am blessed to tears and beyond!!!! and I am beyond grateful for you.
Kenyatte Tidwell(Worthiness Queen Kenyatte )
Stephanie, The call we had was mind blowing! I truly understand why people invest in experts to help them in their business. You took me way outside my comfort zone and let me see how I can meet my monthly financial goal. You also encouraged me to be consistent with my big dreams and goals by aligning my pricing and values with those big goals and dreams. I am already working on the To Do List. I can’t believe this much could come from speaking to you for thirty minutes.
Brittany Blocker
I had an amazing conversation with Stephanie Nickolich today and it really left me doing some introspection. I love, love, love, the industries of network marketing and direct sales. I have been successful in the industry since the early part of the 2000s. For the last 5 years I have been self-employed and working to get to the promised land by building my own business of being an author, speaker and coach. I was trying to build my network marketing business and my self created business as 2 different businesses at the same time. I made a decision today to not do that but to work smarter and not harder and make my niche specifically to be those women in network marketing and direct sales who desire to discover, define and refine their signature brand. Today is the day that I gave myself permission to do that fully instead of dipping and dabbling. #JustWantedToShare
Ok I’m a day late for #SuccessfulSaturday, but I just found out today! I was in the running for editing a feature length film (my first) and I LANDED IT!!!! On top of that I asked for what I was worth…and I LANDED IT! All week I kept correcting my ” if I get it” to “when theyhire me” and they called today. Thank you Universe, and Thank You Stephanie, for making me realize sitting on this and not getting out there was what was preventing me from moving forward, not the AWESOME work that I do! I’m already getting a lot of benefit from Stephanie Nickolich’s Millionista Mastermind.
ziporah r paskman
I have experience working with Stephanie Nickolich and I can vouch that she’s an awesome mentality coach and expert. I highly recommend her!
This is an absolute steal of a deal! Ladies, jump on in NOW!!! Y’all should absolutely get in before she realizes what a loon she is to offer this program for such a low price!
  • Crafting Your Money-Making Message
  • Attracting Your Dream Client (Without Sleaze)
  • Opt-In For the Win
  • Social Etiquette for Loyal Followers
  • List Building like a (Lady) Boss
  • Aligned and Beautiful Branding
  • Cultivating the Success Mindset
  • Manifestation Secrets Millionista Style
  • Kicking Fear in the Face (Bruce Lee Style)
  • Delegating Like a Boss
  • Branding Yourself as the Expert You Are
  • Filling Up Your Calendar with Hot, Ready-to-Buy Leads
  • Empire-Building 101
  • Making the Shift from Maxed Out to Millionista
  • Dream Big and Execute Bigger
  • Create a Solid Road Map to Success
  • Put Together Your Dream Team
  • Insider Millionista Marketing Techniques
  • How to Create a Badass Webinar Series while Making it Rain
  • Consultation to Conversion: The Secrets of Sales Calls that
  • Actually Sell
  • Self-Care That Rocks (And Makes You a Better Businesswoman)
  • Engage with Meaning and Convert to Paying Clients
  • How to Ask for the Sale (in a Non-Salesy Way)
  • Simple Techniques for Blowing Your Monthly Income Goals Outta the Water
  • Become a Time Management Ninja & Productivity Powerhouse
  • Cultivating Unshakable Confidence
  • Organize to Optimize
  • Creating Seamless Systems for Superstar Success
Here’s the deal, biz lady
If you’re serious about making BIG money in your business and living the first-class lifestyle you’ve always dreamt about…. there’s nothing that will expedite your journey from entrepreneur to empiress like the Millionista Mastermind.
Make this year your most wildly profitable (and stress-free) yet
Give yourself the gift of one year soaking up these success-boosting strategies – and watch your entire life TRANSFORM.

Just as a refresher, as an inaugural member of the Millionista Mastermind, you’ll receive
  • TWO, HOT NEW BIZ TRAININGS EVERY OTHER WEEK VIA LIVE WEBINAR – I’m only hosting LIVE webinars during this first round of the Millionista Mastermind
  • Live hot seat Q&A, NEW Millionistas will be chosen weekly to do a LIVE power hour of business building with me, the Millionista herself! (how cool is that?)
  • Full insider access to the Millionista Mastermind Forum where you can post questions, comments, completed assignments and have full access to me! (yes, I said full access)
  • One-on-one elite office hour access to me weekly! Yes, I’ll be available to you every week, twice a week for a total of four hours weekly to answer all of your business building questions.
  • Downloadable PDF’s for you to start implementing in your business NOW! EXCLUSIVE, BUSINESS-BOOSTING BONUSES & SURPRISES THROUGHOUT THE YEAR!

What makes the Millionista Mastermind different?

The Millionista Mastermind is like nothing out there, because not only do you basically receive everything you’d receive with private business coaching without the private coaching price tag – including one-on-one access to me during our weekly office hours – it also includes the added bonus of a mastermind to get you connected with other movers and shakers in the business world who will support you and lift you up. Having a supportive community around you when you’re venturing into the world of entrepreneurship is a non-negotiable in my book!

What if I can’t make the live training?

No worries, gorg! Each training is recorded and will be available within our membership site so you can download and listen at a time that works for you (read: when the kids are in bed or on the subway to yoga class).

Is this the right investment for me?

I always tell my Millionistas to trust their gut – I think you know whether a program will truly deliver before you ever press “Buy.” If what I’ve said resonates with you, if you’re sick of trying to figure out all the little pieces needed to run a successful 6-figure biz on your own, if you’d LOVE to connect with other women on the same path and have the added accountability that comes with a LIVE group coaching experience…then the Millionista Mastermind is totally for you. 🙂

Will I get what I need out of this program? What’s so fabulous about the Millionista Mastermind is that I truly share everything I learned on my journey to become a six figure plus entrepreneur (and on my way to becoming a real millionista!) I’ve included not only all the basics (marketing, branding, copywriting) but also tons of juicy behind-the-scenes secrets to success that aren’t talked about as often – including mindset, manifestation and other “mind” tricks and tools I know are ESSENTIAL to your success.

What if I want to cancel?

If you complete all the powerful homework for each module you’ve received and don’t see the results you’re craving – you’re free to end your membership at any time. Unfortch, that means you’ll lose access to any future modules to come.

Am I ready?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been at this game for two months, two years or two decades, if you’re ready to make a killer living doing what you love – and you’re not afraid to show up, do the work and open up to the group (and me!) to receive support – then you’re MORE than ready to become a Millionista.


It IS possible to start loving your business and life again. It IS possible to live the dream. And The Millionista Mastermind can help. I made this program super affordable so your excuses about not having enough time or money to invest in building your business? Become null and void, gorgeous. Now it’s your time to decide how long you’re going to keep postponing success and telling yourself that “maybe someday” you’ll get the support you need. Over to you, girl!