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Forgotten Gem

I’m about to let you in on one of the juiciest little secrets in my business: This gem has increased my revenue by 13 times by saying two little words.

What words you might ask?

Thank You.

That’s right. When I started using thank you pages with a high-value upsells, conversions started rolling in like high tides on a full moon.


Results I’ve Seen

You know me by now, I’m all about results. And you certainly know, I wouldn’t be talking about the possibility of 13X increase in revenue if it didn’t happen. But thankfully, IT DID. And it was all thanks to thank you page upsells. Take a look!
The actual thank you page that skyrocketed my revenue is tied to the opt-in for the Sales Funnel Profit Producer Checklist.


Once the lead opts in to receive the checklist, they are directed to this exact thank you page.


So, how can you do this too? Keep reading….

Thank You Page with Upsell

The main component here is obviously the high-value upsell after a ridiculously valuable free offer. This page should:

  • Alert the buyer that their opt in is on it’s way to your inbox. Yes. This is something that I need to remind you of. And make sure that it actually IS on it’s way to their inbox!

  • Tell them you have a very special, one time offer for them.

  • Give them product value as well as one-time price above the fold. For example, if the value of the product is $197, be sure to demonstrate this on the page, with the actual purchase price of $27 nearby.

  • Show them what’s included. Give them a bulleted list of EVERYTHING they’ll get once they buy and be sure to let them know why these items are amazing.

  • Show them why they should buy this product now? What’s the big deal? What is the BENEFIT of buying this product? How is this item going to improve their life. If you can, provide a few testimonials that demonstrate the benefit that other users have experienced. Screenshots of Facebook posts with gushing reviews of your items are AWESOME for this.

  • Make checkout process easy for them. If the checkout process is complicated, they’ll get frustrated and abandon the cart before completing the purchase. The easier you make this for them, the more willing they will be to click the buy button.

Once you’ve crafted your Thank You Page with a offer that is too good to refuse, you’ll want to give ‘em one more special bonus.


Checkout Bump on Upsell Cart

The Checkout Bump is an AMAZING way to drive straight towards a massive spike in revenue. The Checkout Bump is yet ANOTHER high value offer that your leads can add to their cart with a click of a button before finalizing the checkout process.

Think of it like the chewing gum and mint display at Target checkout lanes. You’ve been serpentining the aisles for a couple of hours by now and you have everything that you need to check out. You pull up to your friendly Target cashier and start to excitedly unload your goodies onto the belt, when you realize that they ALSO have gum. GUM. OMG, you totally need gum! You just ran out yesterday! Thank God that display was right there for you when you needed it most.

Coincidence? Not even close. Marketers have been doing this since the dawn of sales. The gum, candy bar, lip balm, and AA battery displays at supermarket checkouts are fondly referred to as “impulse purchase” displays. They’re placed at checkout to initiate the thought in your brain that “Oh hey, I’m out of gum. Better get gum as long as I am looking directly at it. I should probably also get a Diet Coke and a Snickers for the drive home. And crap, TV remote needs batteries; better grab a 54 pack of those.”

This whole “impulse purchase” concept, THIS is what the checkout bump is all about. To create the bump, offer the thank you upsell right after opt  in. When they click the option to purchase the upsell, they’ll see a little notification that says something along the lines of “Hey! You’ll probably love this too! Grab it now at this special price!”

They’ll have the option to click a button and add this item to the cart, or they can simply continue with their original purchase. This is a GREAT way to capture their attention and offer INCREDIBLE value at phenomenal prices.

Abandon Cart Sequence

But what happens if they decide not to take the thank you upsell? Oh - That’s where the abandon cart email sequence comes in. You know I wouldn’t leave you hanging.

The abandon cart sequence is a series of emails that reminds the potential buyer of their special offer. This sequence can be automated through your email autoresponder system. It should start when the lead clicks through the thank you page upsell with the intent to purchase the item, but for one reason or another they abandon their cart and move on to something else in their life (kid’s need attention, phone rings, etc). When the cart is abandoned, they receive an email or a series of emails that reminds them of the item that they forgot in their cart. This will only increase conversions, sometimes by more than 5%.

The first email in the abandon cart sequence should give a gentle reminder about their forgotten item, with a link to complete their purchase. The short nurture campaign that accompanies the sequence should only last a few days with one email per day that talks about the value behind the item that they intended to purchase. Be sure to talk about the BENEFITS of the product, so they can envision transformation.

You can talk features all day long (integrates with Facebook, beautiful design, it’s got a checklist!), but if you don’t identify HOW the product is going to make the clients life easier (improves time management, easy to read, keeps you on track with your to-do’s), it will never convert.

So, here’s how to do it:

Now that we’ve established exactly what it is that you need, let me walk you through how to get this revenue rolling in.

You can create custom thank-you page on your website, or through a 3rd party software. Many online  marketing softwares now come with a multitude of pre-made templates for you to choose from that allow you to create GORGEOUS and on brand thank you pages. Here are a few options for you to choose from:

  • Active Campaign

  • AWeber

  • ClickFunnels

  • ConvertKit

  • GetResponse

  • iContact

  • Infusionsoft

  • Mailchimp

  • Ontraport

Once you create the thank you page upsell, for the love of all that is good in this world: LINK IT TO YOUR OPT-IN. If you forget to link it to your opt-in, this entire article is good for nothing.

To do this, make sure that your opt-in redirects to the Thank You Upsell once the user has submitted their name and email address to grab the opt-in. Again, make sure your Thank You Upsell:

  • Reminds the lead of their soon to be delivered opt-in

  • Drops the high-value upsell special offer that highlights the ACTUAL value and the price you are offering it for

  • Describes what they are purchasing with clear and compelling copy

  • Demonstrates social proof with real-life testimonials to prove success!

  • Simplifies your checkout process.

At checkout, make sure to add the high-value checkout bump!

And, if they don’t check out immediately and abandon their cart, make sure to integrate the abandon cart sequence within your nurture series to stay at the top of their mind (and inbox).

Oh, and one last thing.

Testing - Testing - Testing

TEST TEST TEST your upsells! Be sure to create an A/B Split Test for at least 2 separate thank you page upsells. Anyone who has been following me for awhile knows that I’m a HUGE advocate for split testing. Testing allows you to gather data about which page performs better and generates a higher conversion rate. This data allows you replicate similar pages in the future, a.k.a. hit a home-run every time you create an upsell page.

These strategies have been monumental in creating a passive profit pipeline that runs on rinse and repeat.

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