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Nowadays, every Tom, Dick and Jane is an aspiring business coach.

These are the folks standing on every proverbial street corner, shouting about how they can make you $7.8 million in less time than it takes you to shave your legs...because if it worked for them, it WILL work for you! (And to think they were just a lowly pizza boy five days ago!!! ?)

Truth be told, the average freelance online coach only makes $20 an hour (or about $3,000 a month), according to the Payoneer Income Survey. What this means? Lots of scraping buy, borrowed money, and a bunk dreams.


But success *is* possible.
It’s just not guaranteed.

So to give you the best odds possible at blowing your damn mind, let’s look at some of the tried and tested ways to THRIVE (not just survive) as an online coach. Because when you’re trying to make a name for yourself in a saturated market, it’s time to bust out the big biz guns.

#1 │ Stop trying to be everyone else. One of the surest paths to becoming a successful coach is to deliver a method that’s uniquely yours. Obviously, I know that a lot of info is gathered from similar sources but quite simply take what you have learned, meshed with your implementation, and results and make it your own.

#2 │ Deliver more value upfront. Since you haven’t built a loyal following yet, you need to establish yourself as the go-to expert. (Y’know, so in the future people actually go to you.) How do you do that? Deliver value until you think you can’t deliver value anymore—and then deliver even more value. The bottom line is everyone loves to buy but no one likes to be sold to. Or in other words, when you open with lots of value you’ll close lots of sales.

#3 │ Do the work. Is it easier to sit on the sidelines and watch the world whiz by? Maybe—if you’re into that sort of thing. But if you WANT IT, get out there and teach. Get Educated. Start facilitating. Mentor others. In a massive sea of people who don’t know what they’re doing, be the one who does. Know your shit. Sharpen your skill set. Lather, rinse & repeat.

#4 │ Stay in your own lane. Even if the person sitting next to you at Starbucks is literally on a megaphone shouting about their success, put on your blinders and focus on your own work. Think of it this way: If you spend all your time analyzing if someone else’s grass is greener, how the hell will you ever plant your own garden?

#5 │ Show the f*ck up. And I’m talking every. damn. day. No hitting the snooze button for the 17th time. No half-assing your life. Just YOU, religiously putting in the effort for yourself, your people (even the ones who don’t know you yet), your fam, your tribe, and that guy who stood behind you last night in the grocery store. Show ‘em what you’re made of.

#6 │ Get married to your business. When you really, truly commit to something, you’re promising to stick with it even when it sucks. It’s the ultimate vow to give it your all—even when you don’t want to. And to keep trying, even when you just want to give up. As a coach, there *will* be hard times—and you’ll tough it out, coming out the other side stronger and better of.

#7 │ Take action. Ever heard of Newton’s 1st Law of Motion? It goes a little somethin’ like: An object in motion stays in motion. Or in other words, once you get started, you’ll be unstoppable. Action trumps resistance, and it’s time to do something new every day. Monitor what works best and what doesn’t. Go back to the drawing board and tweak, do it again. Measure, go back and tweak, do it again. Measure...take over the world. (Wink.)

#8 │ Be authentic. No one likes a fake Francis (not even fake Frank). I get that there’s a pressure to come off as polished to perfection and totally flawless. But in real life (and not magazine covers) no one expects you to be perfect. OMG, c’mon. If you haven’t made a gajillion dollars yet, I’m not judging you. If you aren’t certified, I don’t care. If you’re new to the industry, I’m still in this with you. And if you know your shit and act like it? You’re my girl.

#9 │ Trust your gut. There’s so much NOISE racing around all the time, from an elevator full of people with ringing and beeping cell phones, to millions of different voices giving you advice about what to do next in your life and coaching business. When push comes to shove, shove everyone else aside and look inside. Think through your options and register how they sit with you and make you feel. Trust the journey, and trust yourself.

#10 │ Remember you have “what it takes”. You DO have what it takes. I have what it takes. My mailman has what it takes. And the next person I see in Target probably has what it takes, too. Because when it comes to THRIVING in business and life, you have what it takes if you’re ready to take charge. 

So if today’s that day you decide to take charge, take the first step towards change and download the exact funnels that have (legitimately, really, truly*) brought in exactly $1,034,319.78 of received revenue in the last 13 months.


*Do you want screenshots? Because damn right—I’ve got ‘em.


Stripe collected $836,300 in revenue between August 1, 2016 and August 4, 2017


PayPal 1 account collected a total of $44,477.71


PayPal 2 collected a total of $64,742.07

And we collected $88,800 in cash between August 1, 2016 and August 1, 2017.

So, the last question is, you in?


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