Stephanie came into my life at a pivotal time. I was reinventing myself after a very successful corporate career and a 7 year side hustle into full-time entrepreneurship. And even though I am a business coach (aka: business strategist) myself, I am a HUGE believer that a coach needs a coach. I decided to take an entrepreneurial sabbatical in Miami for 3 days–just me sans family to work “on my business” vs. “in my business”. The first day I got there I decided to hire Stephanie for a VIP day to ensure my strategy was on point and to learn from all the things she has experienced that would benefit my goals at that time. I learned that Stephanie is a hands on type of coach. She is very passionate at what she does, open and honest about her path and what she has learned, and is willing to go the extra mile for her clients. I have not only got to experience Stephanie’s coaching 1:1, I have also been blessed to be able to leverage her team of amazing designers / developers who have helped my brand vision come to life. That is no small feat (as I had a pretty in-depth vision). Her team is amazing at what they do—and Stephanie’s direction has a lot to do with ensuring my vision in my head came to fruition in their design and functionality. I am a big believer that people come into you life for a reason, and Stephanie came in mine at the right time and I will be forever grateful. From one coach to another–thank you so much Steph!
Seema Alexander
Powerhouse Business Coach and CMO, MorLeaf
Super Celebration Super Grateful! Since taking this course( which I still bare to get through many of the modules.) to shift my niche over from dating/relationship coaching to business coaching, live signet up at least $6271 in client sales lust in the past few weeks!!
Nicole Abundance
Can i just tell you how very much i absolutely love you and the sense of cool collected confidence that you manage to scream in every aspect of yourself, your marketing and your program! Every time I get an email from you or get on a webinar like last night’s (BTW, Abso-freaking-lutely AMAZING!!) i feel so pumped and ready to take on my day ! Thank you again for being amazingly you !!!
My biggest holy shift, working with Stephanie is that I really am worth the money; my experience and education do count for something and I doing what I love, and asking for help only makes us stronger. I’ve have loved the sense of community that I’ve made working with Stephanie privately as well as in the Millionista Mastermind and I no longer feel lonely working at home. The sense of support, the help, the guidance, and the community has been overwhelming. I am constantly learning and making huge strides in my business. #feelingemotional #verygrateful
Virtual Point Solutions
I was just a full time teacher, ready for something more when I met Stephanie. I dreamed of having a thriving coaching business but I had a lot of fear based thinking that was clogging my ability to manifest and no solid plan as to how I was going to reach my goals. Within 3 WEEKS of working with Stephanie (yes, just 3 weeks), I had REPLACED her full time corporate income and can now create my corporate exit strategy to pursue my coaching dreams.
( H.O.T. Coaching )
Just joined Stephanie Nickolich’s Millionista Coaching Group and I have hit the jackpot! If you’re looking for authentic, on point coaching to meet you where you’re at financially and your’e ready to shift your story and LEAP for your dream life right now, join us!!!
Could we do this on Sundays too? Because this is better than church.
Just wanted you all to know I am on FIRE this morning) and no it is not just the red hair LOL). It is only 10:30 am and I just creating 15 NEW topics tor FREE Webinars to discuss Money Mindset and how to change it, Your Money Road Map, and Getting Aligned and Balanced in your business with Amazing Time Management. Going to show people I am FULL of VALUE and INFO and this is my PASSION. Last night set my mind on FIRE – thank you ladies tor being so open on the call!! And this is just week 1 !!!
Working with Stephanie helped me build my business from the beginning stages of formulating my niche. She helped me break through barriers with massive clarity that I had been stuck in for months. During our time together, Stephanie uncovered my focus areas that I had been neglecting and set massive goals that were measureable. Her guidance literally changed my business and moved me steps forward. I cannot thank her enough!!
I just want to give a huge thank you to Stephanie Nickolich for what we’ve covered thus far and the attitude adjustment I’ve had. I feel that Stephanie has legitimately changed my life, and all for the best. Her top level package is now firmly engraved in my goal board and one of the first goals that I write down every night. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I can’t thank you enough.
( Beachbody Coach )
I thank God for allowing me to connect to Stephanie. So many people out there, with stories, businesses, opportunities… and WE Got Connected. After just our first meeting, as I read my notes, I stopped, …. started rocking back and forth, covered my eyes and began to cry. WHY?! Because I was able to see, NO, … I read what was TRUE about me. After just the first session, I think differently about who I am and what I offer. I am worth it! I am blessed to tears and beyond!!!! and I am beyond grateful for you.
(Worthiness Queen Kenyatte )
Stephanie, The call we had was mind blowing! I truly understand why people invest in experts to help them in their business. You took me way outside my comfort zone and let me see how I can meet my monthly financial goal. You also encouraged me to be consistent with my big dreams and goals by aligning my pricing and values with those big goals and dreams. I am already working on the To Do List. I can’t believe this much could come from speaking to you for thirty minutes.
I had an amazing conversation with Stephanie Nickolich today and it really left me doing some introspection. I love, love, love, the industries of network marketing and direct sales. I have been successful in the industry since the early part of the 2000s. For the last 5 years I have been self-employed and working to get to the promised land by building my own business of being an author, speaker and coach. I was trying to build my network marketing business and my self created business as 2 different businesses at the same time. I made a decision today to not do that but to work smarter and not harder and make my niche specifically to be those women in network marketing and direct sales who desire to discover, define and refine their signature brand. Today is the day that I gave myself permission to do that fully instead of dipping and dabbling. #JustWantedToShare
Ok I’m a day late for #SuccessfulSaturday, but I just found out today! I was in the running for editing a feature length film (my first) and I LANDED IT!!!! On top of that I asked for what I was worth…and I LANDED IT! All week I kept correcting my ” if I get it” to “when theyhire me” and they called today. Thank you Universe, and Thank You Stephanie, for making me realize sitting on this and not getting out there was what was preventing me from moving forward, not the AWESOME work that I do! I’m already getting a lot of benefit from Stephanie Nickolich’s Millionista Mastermind.
I have experience working with Stephanie Nickolich and I can vouch that she’s an awesome mentality coach and expert. I highly recommend her!
Woooooop !! Just signed another client after implementing what I learned in Britt Bee’s Hot seat last week !! Soo excited!!! Thanks again Stephanie Nickolich.
Confidence Coach
Stephanie is a POWERHOUSE of information and helped me set up and begin to execute a plan that has begun a shift in my business. I found out I was pretty much doing everything wrong and wasting my time on tasks that were not making me money. Stephanie showed me how to create a marketing plan and how to set up my coaching programs so I was not doing double work or just spinning my wheels. If you want a “rinse and repeat” business, call the Millionista Mentor. NOW!