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Are you (or your business) stuck?

Today, I'm talking about the 5 most critical steps you must take to see MASSIVE growth in your business. If you've been hanging around the same $$'s every month, aren't getting new clients, or worse...haven't even gotten yourself out there yet, this post is for you!

We try to complicate everything..including business. But I'm about to tell you that there are really only five issues - that once fixed - will change everything.

#1 Mindset is EVERYTHING

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One of the first and most impactful shifts that I ever made in my life and business was mindset.

When I was in $100,000 of debt, I felt paralyzed by fear regularly. Although that same fear would repeat itself daily because I was paralyzed by it. Meaning that I kept my state of mind in a constant shit storm because I couldn’t look at the future without fear, heck I couldn’t even see two feet in front of my current reality without fear.

And as a result, one bad outcome piled onto another, all being held captive by fear. Until the day that I woke up and decided to try a new activity.

That day, I thought to myself,
"What would happen if I started envisioning things in the outcome of the situation that I desired?"

And so I did. And would you know what...within weeks the most insane things started happening (in a good way). Don’t believe me? Give it a try! The biggest secret to all of this was that I got so super specific on what that outcome looked like.

I’m talking specific all the way down to the type of underwear that I would be wearing when I achieved that particular goal.

Envision your life in the outcome of the situation that you desire.

Get detailed, all the way down to the type of underwear you’re wearing. Become bigger than your fears. On a scale of 1-10, if your fears are a 5, but you’re a 7, then nothing can stand in your way. What can you today that pushes you beyond your fear?

Take a risk. Something. Order a new coffee flavor for crying out loud. Break out of your mold.

Practice exercises of scripting the life you desire as if it already exists.

Make a commitment to a 5-minute daily meditation.

#2 Doing it all will keep you small!Day 2 Image

The #1 lie women entrepreneurs tell themselves? I can do this all by myself.

Well, I guess you can do it all by yourself, but it’s not going to end well.

Long lonely nights, never-ending to-do’s, always catching up?

Yup you’re lying to yourself. Support yourself with a team, and skip the Martyrdom speech, you’ll be successful a lot faster.

Stop thinking only you can do it.

Your business can never grow if this is the case.

So...RIGHT NOW, I want you to give me a list of the top 5 tasks that you should NOT be doing for one more second.

Most people think, how can I build a team when I don’t make enough income to pay myself?

Well….actually it works the other way around.

In order to achieve your dreams and fully immerse yourself in the vision, to reach your goals you actually need to hire the team first so that you STOP doing the things that are keeping you stuck and that quite honestly aren’t in your zone of genius.

It’s an upside truth to growth. Hire the team so you can grow. It’s scary, but it’s true. And successful people know this.

#3 Invest in your successDay 3 Image

I’m all about transparency. And walking the walk. Today, I use Facebook ads and the knowledge of conversions to maximize my success. On average I am spending $4000 a month on Facebook ads and my return is nearly $40,000 a result monthly.

$4k to $40k. Those are some good numbers right?

Some more numbers... {since they don’t lie}

My email list grew by over 4000 names in 4 weeks with StyleYourSuccess.com/7figures. {which is still being downloaded to date}

If 3% of those people converted into clients...an opt in that cost $1000 to create, created an ROI of $40,000 + !!

“But Stephanie - I don’t have $1000 to invest.”

I get it.

In fact, not only did I not have money to invest, I was hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt!

Just over a year ago, I was $100,000 + in debt, working in my business, not on my business, and my wheels were spinning quickly but honestly all I was kicking up was more dirt (and debt). It sucked but instead of throwing myself a big ole pity party, I took responsibility and took action!

You got it, I hired a mentor! Yes, I was $100,000 + in debt, but I knew that I was capable of achieving success at any size, I just finally realized that I couldn’t do it on my own. So, I took action in a BIG way!

If you knew that spending 10K would make you a return of 20K monthly, would you do it?

The X Factor in this seemingly simple equation is YOU, are you ready for that kind of a leap, why or why not?

#4 Embrace the discomfortDay 4 Image

The feeling you must fall in love with in order to skyrocket your wealth?


Stop getting held up on perfect, nothing will ever be perfect.

People will make mistakes, that’s how they learn. Perfection will set you back…

I call it perfection paralysis.

And you know what? It’s uncomfortable. Like panties in a twist uncomfortable. You know what I mean. You just can’t bear it any more, but you’re in public and there’s no time to adjust yourself. So you embrace the discomfort and strut your stuff.

How many times have you looked at other successful women and thought

“I WISH I could live that life. How does she do it?!”

She takes action. Action that might not be perfect, might cost her something, and feels DAMN uncomfortable, but she does it anyway.

I want you to set a goal. An uncomfortable panties-in-a-twist goal that feels hard to speak out loud because of how crazy it sounds to your ears.

Setting Goals makes Manifesting EASY.

Guess what happens when you don’t have a TARGET?

That’s right NADA. Crickets. Tumbleweed. Watch what happens if you do something as simple as setting a monthly goal, all of sudden you and everything around you starts to conspire to make it happen. Bullseye!

#5 It's all about bite-sized actionDay 5 Image

This is my favorite.

It’s all about the breakdown. And not the nervous one that happens when you try to do this shit on your own. The breakdown of a goal into bite-sized manageable chunks.

I am not letting you attend one more training, webinar, summit or anything else until you declare:


Your time is precious.
And so is your success.
And if you take the OATH, you will see RESULTS.

So now what?

I have five actionable worksheets, related to EACH one of these issues. You can download them below, and I promise - if you do them and implement, things will never be the same again in your business.

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