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I’m sure that your first reaction to the title of this post was:

“Yeah, yeah. I’ve heard this schpiel before.”

I get it. You’re skeptical. It seems like the whole passive revenue concept is too good to be true. But here’s the thing: I’m doing it. My clients are doing it. And we’re certainly not all exceptions to the rule. You can do this too...with some strategic advice of course.

And maybe your next thought is…

“If it’s possible, then why isn’t everybody and their mother doing it?”

Believe me, they’re trying. But they don’t have the tools or strategies to pull it off insane results like this. They work their asses off (high effort) for minimal results; continually spinning their wheels with strategies that go no where.

You know what that is? It’s insanity. Seriously. The definition of insanity is repeating the same processes over and over again and expecting different results each time. I’m paraphrasing, but that’s the gist of it.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret.

You don’t need to spin your wheels anymore.

You don’t need to feel like a crazy person day in and day out anymore. If that’s what you want. But, if you want to stay on the 9-never ending crazy, do what you got to do...YOLO once, right?

But if you’re ready to start seriously tapping into the opportunities that passive profits can provide for you, then read on.

After all, you clicked on this blog post for a reason. So even though you might have a healthy level of skepticism, I respect that you are taking the time to evaluate whether or not my passive profit strategy will actually work for you.

FYI, it will. But you have to follow the steps to get there. After all, results don’t happen without action. And oh baby, will you see results with the following actions...so here it goes, your 3 Pillars to profits:

  • Create Kick-Ass Landing Pages

  • Leverage your Lead Magnets

  • Build Relationships with a High-Value Upsell

Let’s break each action above down into strategic and practical steps.

Build a Kick-Ass Landing Page

A kick ass landing page (that actually converts) is the first step towards your limitless passive profit potential. Not all landing pages are created equally, however, so let’s dissect the anatomy of an optimal landing page like it’s 10th Grade Biology class all over again.

  • Create a powerful headline. Tell them exactly what they are getting, whether it is a guide, checklist, video download, or live webinar. Take for example my Sales Funnel Profit Launcher offering. The title is specific about exactly what the offering is.  Plus, it’s intriguing. When you hear the word “launcher”, you probably think Rocket Launcher. And what is more awesome than a rocket launcher that launches profits? Nothing. There is nothing more awesome than this.

  • Use sub-headlines to give your audience the exact details of what is included. Example: 8 Passive Profit Producing Modules. Be specific!

  • Make sure the first opt-in box is above the fold (in the first view on the screen).

  • Base your web pages on problem/solution scenarios. Define the problem first and then show them how to get to the solution. People only care about results, and how those results will benefit them.

  • Make sure all the buttons are active and properly connected to autoresponders, etc.

  • Use tools such as Lead Pages and Click Funnels to help you track conversions and make necessary changes when optimizing.

  • Make sure to split test at least 2-pages. I do this every single time. And I mean Every. Single. Time. The smallest change can create the biggest impact (even just the change of an image or a line of copy can make a huge difference). For example, check out these two landing pages.




These pages are EXACTLY the same except for one element: the picture of me. The landing page that featured the beach photo converted at a rate of 25%. That’s a great conversion rate! But the landing page with the more professional photograph converted at a whopping 49%. Considering that the average landing page conversion rate is right around 2.35%, I was thrilled with both of these results. However, I never would have known that the second page would have converted so well if I hadn’t tested it. The moral of the story? Test the SHIT out of your landing pages.

  • Drive traffic to these landing pages with targeted Facebook Ads.

Harness the Power of the Lead Magnet

The purpose of your lead magnet is to really warm up an otherwise cold audience, give them great valuable tips, and leave them wanting to know what’s next. So here’s how to position your lead magnet like a pro so that you can convert like crazy.

  • Introduce yourself in your lead magnet and position yourself as the expert that you are. The audience is captive.

  • First impressions matter. This piece could be the most crucial piece in your sales funnel because it’s your first chance to WOW your audience. Don’t skimp here!

  • Focus on solving one problem. Literally just one, not ten, one.

  • Be relevant to get results. Don’t distribute a 42 page ebook to new moms… Ain’t nobody got time for that. Give them something that can be digested and implemented quickly.  Checklists and worksheets are gold here.

  • Make sure you send them what they signed up for. (Do I really have to say this? Yes, you would be surprised.)

  • Make sure as soon as they enter their contact information, they receive the goods in their inbox (no, I’m not kidding)!

  • Wrap it up your opt in with a strong call-to-action. Where do you want them to go from here?

Create an Upsell Page to Create Conversions

Your leads are the lifeblood of your business. Without them, you wouldn’t have conversions, you wouldn’t have impact and you wouldn’t have passive profits.

Thank them for their support and offer a high value gift for their interest in your offering. Here’s how to create the perfect Thank You Upsell Page.

  • Make sure to tell them that the “XYZ” guide is on its way to their inbox, so they don’t think they landed on this page by accident.

  • In as few words as possible, tell them WHY they should stick around.

  • Give them a one-time special offer that they can’t refuse.

  • Visually show them what’s included.

  • Make the checkout process easy.

BONUS TIP:  Make sure (especially if running ads) to place tracking pixels on your thank you pages to track not only conversions but to create re-target audiences to use later for other product launches or reveals.

The Take-Away

Let’s recap.

  • Landing pages need to be on point. Use clear and compelling copy, beautiful yet clean designs, and drive traffic to these pages using targeted Facebook Ads.

  • Leverage lead magnets with your audience. Create high value entry point freebies that are too good to refuse.

  • Create relationships with a high value upsell that is virtually guaranteed to convert. Arguably this is the most important part of your passive profit plan. Use this upsell page to thank your leads for their support, and give them an offer that even the Godfather wouldn’t say no to.

Using these techniques, you, my friend, are now on your way to stretching your ad budgets and moving toward a $1K-a-day passive profit plan.

If you’re looking for a bit more assistance, I’d recommend checking out the #LegendaryEntrepreneur platform that I JUST launched. It’s a brand, spankin’ new platform for entrepreneurs who are ready to kick their passive profit plans into overdrive. And here’s the deal, it’s only $27 for the first 30 days of super stellar modules that will help you gain knowledge, community, support, accountability and collaboration alongside hundreds of other #LegendaryEntrepreneurs. Would you really miss out on such a thing? (for less than the price of a daily latte no less)

I didn’t think so, so let’s do this.


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