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Building a 6 Figure Income on coaching is going to burn you out faster than you can max out your credit card. At the age of 30 I was $100K + in debt with my private investors VISA, MC + AMEX. 6 months later I mastered my money mindset and was having consistent 6 figure months as a success mentor. Now I am a single mamapreneur who decided to automate EVERYTHING in my business.
Yup. This may shock you. But private coaching? Is a dead end street. In fact, any service based business is a dead end. Why? Because at some point you will want to take a day off. Or a month off. Or a year off. At some point that coaching or service based business will become a burden you want to escape, just like you did your corporate desk job, but with none of the security.
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Stephanie came into my life at a pivotal time. I was reinventing myself after a very successful corporate career and a 7 year side hustle into full-time entrepreneurship. And even though I am a business success coach (aka: business strategist) myself, I am a HUGE believer that a success coach needs a coach. I decided to take an entrepreneurial sabbatical in Miami for 3 days–just me sans family to work “on my business” vs. “in my business”. The first day I got there I decided to hire Stephanie for a VIP day to ensure my strategy was on point and to learn from all the things she has experienced that would benefit my goals at that time… [Read More]

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